A great way to keep fit and improve flexibility
From beginners to intermediates, you’ll find that Pilates Social will help you improve tone, build flexibility, muscle strength and endurance in your legs, abdominals, arms, hips and back. Our fun classes are run by Danny, an accredited Pilates Instructor.

Why Pilates?
Unlike other classes and exercises Pilates focuses on every part of the body challenging your strength, mobility, balance and endurance. Rather than using cumbersome weights you use your own body weight to challenge yourself.

The Benefits of Pilates are numerous/many, below are just a few:

  • An all-round workout using every part of your body
  • Increase strength and endurance of all muscles particularly the core
  • Stretch all of the body
  • Improve posture
  • Prevent back problems
  • Improve mobility, flexibility and suppleness
  • Better balance
  • Reduce injuries
  • Reduce stress and tension
  • Live your life pain free
  • Better sleep
  • More attractive to men or women (ok maybe not that far)

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Why Pilates Social?
The problem with the majority of all fitness classes is that the instructor is always rushing off to join other classes so there is little interaction with the class. Pilates is all about concentration and precision so everyone gets the best from their workout.

Everyone lives busy lives and is always short on time so I want to give the best experience to the customer in that hour. To do this I need to give everyone more of my time. So after every lesson I will stay for a minimum of 30 minutes to answer questions you may have or go through in more detail some of the moves. I may even put the kettle on!!

I would like my classes to improve your wellbeing but also be a place to meet new friends if you wish. Simply put I find pushing each other in a group environment is a lot more rewarding and satisfying than exercising on your own.

Our message is very simple…
To provide an environment where everyone can get the maximum benefit out of every class. This is achieved by providing different levels of difficultly throughout the classes. As someone who regularly attends classes myself I understand some days you just don’t feel right or have your usual level of energy therefore you can take it down to a more manageable level if you wish.

The beauty of pilates is that it is so diverse every class will challenge you in one discipline be it strength, mobility, balance, flexability or subtleness.

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About Us


A little bit about Pilates Social

My name is Danny, the founder of Pilates Social. I have been practicing Pilates for over 20 years. As someone who used to play football to a reasonable standard and run many marathons I found my body and joints used to creak and crack a lot particularly in the mornings. Having a desk job didn’t help as I daily spent hours hunched over computers my body and back in bad postural positions. Sitting in uncomfortable chairs also contributed towards my aches and pains.

Pilates has helped to change all that improving my posture and subtle, increasing my core strength and endurance and improving my balance and co-ordination. I also find it relieves and stress and tension. I find it is one of the only exercises that prepares you for everyday life getting your body prepared to attack the day.

Gym work is good however all exercise machines tend to isolate specific muscles making them strong but short. By applying stretching on top of strength work you find the muscles are where they should be: strong and long.

The reason Pilates works is that as well as focusing on the core muscles each class tests your balance and control, strength, flexibility and range of movement. It really is a complete body workout.

For more information about our pilates social classes check out Our Classes

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Get in touch
Can’t find a time that suits you or you wish to know more about the classes that we offer, please do not hesitate to get in touch via the form or call us on 079710 48510